Aloo pakora with hot tea is the best option

aloo pakora

Aloo pakora is the best and famous snacks meals in north India, So you must try it at once in a time.


We tried aloo pakora at home because at that time we are cooking the aloo pakora there is great weather outside from home like rainy weather.

So, read the method or steps of making, and then you can check the video of our cooking below the article.

Let’s start with

Making time - 30 minutes.

Chickpea flour
Green chilli
Masala as per need 

Steps of making aloo pakora

  1. Take a bowl and a small bowl of chickpea flour in the big bowl.
  2. Take some green chili and rice then grind it with the help of a mixer grinder. Now your green chili and rice paste are ready.
  3. Now take the paste and put it into the bowl and put garam masala, red chili powder, and salt into the bowl and mix it properly.
  4. When your paste is ready take potato slices and put them into the paste we already prepared.

    You can chop the potato in a round shape with the help of a vegetable chopper easily.
  5. Now time to take a kadhai and put the oil into the kadhai and wait for some time to heat up the oil.
  6. When the oil heats up Now take the potato pieces mixed with the chickpea paste and put them into the kadhai to fry them.
  7. Now you can check after some time your aloo pakora will be ready, So serve it with you friends and family and enjoy the snacks.
  8. One more thing you can also prepare chutney to get the best taste of the aloo pakora.

I think you tried it at home because I did and already enjoyed it, So now it’s your time to cook the aloo pakora, If you have any doubt about making aloo pakora then you must have to check the video.

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