Here is the7 Best emergency light in India in 2022

Best emergency light in india
Best emergency light in india

In India, if you are living in a village area or you are living in a developing area it is common that light goes off, in that case, if you are doing some work or your children working on their homework, all the member’s mood will be off that time because of that we are here with best emergency light in India.

But if you have best rechargeable emergency light for home India. You can utilize that time.

And if we talk about the village area there is a normal problem of light if you purchased or you have an emergency light then it will help you very much in that case. So if you have an emergency light that’s good but if you do not have and want to purchase one keep reading the article.

Why you need an Emergency light?

As we already discussed that for the villagers, rechargeable emergency light is a very good product, either it is for to go outside in the farming area or for the study, because of that we listed some of best rechargeable emergency light for study as well.

So keep reading the article, here we listed the best emergency light for home use in India or best rechargeable emergency light for home India so that you can select one of them very easily.

List of 7 Best emergency light in India

S. noProduct NameCheck the price
1.Wipro Coral Rechargeable Emergency Light (Yellow)
2.Halonix Inverter LED Bulb B22 9-Watt – White
3.Philips Ojas Rechargeable LED Lantern (Yellow)
4.Syska 9 watts B22 bulb
5.Wipro Emerald Rechargeable Emergency Light (Red)
6.Havells Ranger 10 1-Watt Rechargeable LED Torch (Black)
7.Philips Ujjwal Mini 16-LED Lantern
8.Wipro Amber Rechargeable Emergency LED Lantern (Red)

Here we discussed best rechargeable emergency light

For the Daily requirement, we researched some best emergency lights for home in India as well as some of them you can take outside as well, ok wait-wait that does not mean you cannot take outside else from home but if we talk especially for that requirement. Here is the list. And the explanation of the best rechargeable emergency light.

1. Wipro Coral Rechargeable Emergency Light (Yellow)

Wipro is a well known brand in the Indian industry, it has a separate well-known brand in India and outside India as well.

The main reason to pick the Wipro coral emergency light in number 1 is that Wipro is a well-known brand and the second and important reason which I like the most is 360 degrees light.

The battery backup of the product have 6 months, but that’s not mean after 6 month the product will be damaged or will fail. It will be long lasting and durable as well.

It has a 84 pieces of LED bulb with 50000 hour of life and the rechargeable time of the emergency light is 8-10 hour.

The product has good 15800+ ratings with the 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

2. Halonix Inverter LED Bulb B22 9-Watt – White

Halonix is also a quite good brand in electronics of India “Make in India” They are working on innovative items in lights and bulbs for last 25 years and have a corporate office in Noida.

If you do not have any problem with the durability of the rechargeable emergency bulb then that’s the best rechargeable bulb in India you can choose. I like the Bulb most because there is no need to plugin into the charging point and then unplug it.

That bulb can charge automatically when you use it and then the light goes that time you can use it. And the backup of the bulb is almost 4 hour and the time of charging of the product is 8-10 hours.

 The product come with the 1 year of warranty and the bulb is 9 watt that means the bulb is not that much light consuming.

So if you want to use the emergency light in the single room or in the different room you can use it but you have to purchase numbers of bulb but at the same time you don’t have to worry about any other problem as well.

The product comes with 12700+ ratings with the 3.9 stars out of 5 on the Amazon.

3.Philips Ojas Rechargeable LED Lantern (Yellow)

I think you already know about Philips there is no need to introduce that Philips is a good and well-known brand not in India as well in the whole world they are giving their services the last 126 years, since 1891. That’s is not a small thing for any company.

The product is also coming with the almost same features with the different brand. Like the backup of this emergency light is also 4 hour and the charging is 8 hours.

The product comes with the 6 month of manufacturer warranty, and you can take it anywhere product is handy and the design of the product is also good.

But one the plastic of the product is not that much good but if you use it carefully then you can use it with long time.

The product have 8700+ ratings with the 4.0 stars out of 5.

4. syska 9 watts B22 bulb

It is an simple bulb like regular bulb, this syska emergency LED Bulb will switch on automatically in case of power cut no need to take any action, syska is one of the most valuable best emergency light brands in India comes with best rechargeable bulb in India, so you can choose it without any hesitation.

There is no need to change your existing bulb holder because syska led bulb available in b22 base. It will fit easily into your regular bulb holder.

Built in lithium battery, it will provide you an up to 3.5 hours of battery backup on a single charge and the charging period of the bulb is 8 hour. overcharging protection is also available with this bulb.

So if you are searching an best rechargeable emergency light in India but not portable then you must go for this bulb it will fulfill your requirement

5. Wipro Emerald Rechargeable Emergency Light (Red)

Again we took an Emergency light with the house of Wipro because I already told you that Wipro is well known brand in that field, But now we took different of emergency light. Let’s see.

If you are leaving in village area or you want to purchase an emergency light for your village then this light might be an good option for you.

This Emergency light is an rechargeable torch and in the village area, you need to go outside the home like in the farm for caring the agriculture. In that case you need a focus light.

So that you can use it and care your agriculture as well.    

The torch come with 5 watt powerful LED, with 3000Mah battery and the life of the LED 50000 hour with the 6-8 hour of charging time.

The product has good 8000+ ratings with a good 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

6. Havells Ranger 10 1-Watt Rechargeable LED Torch (Black)

Now we are going to the different brands of emergency light but this brand is also a good and heavy option this is also and good home and appliances brand, So you can also choose this brand as well as.

If you are looking an emergency light with low or normal usage you can go for it, because havells provide low range and minimal usage of emergency light.

The torch has 1 watt single bulb with 400Mah Battery with 6 months of battery backup. And the design of the product is also good like the last one Wipro Emerald Rechargeable Emergency Light.

The Emergency light have 6800+ rating with 4.1 stars out of 5 on amazon.

7. Philips Ujjwal Mini 16-LED Lantern

We already discussed an emergency light with 360 lighting effects and the Philips brand is good as we already discussed. Now we know about all the features of this emergency light.

The Philips ujjwal mini comes with 16 LED bulb and 4 hour of battery backup according to the Philips but I tested it personally it is last 2:30-3 hour after charge and the charging time of the light is almost 4 hours.

The product comes with the good battery and the warranty of the product is 6 month, so if you want the product with the long lasting usage you can go for it without any hesitation.

The product have 6500+ ratings on amazon with the 4.1 stars out of 5.

8. Wipro Amber Rechargeable Emergency LED Lantern (Red)

The main reason is to choose Wipro light again because of the availability and the good reviews of the product on amazon and the Flipkart as well.

The light comes with 36 pieces of LED with the 6 month of product warranty, you can easily use it vertically or horizontally easy to carry and light weight.

The battery comes with 3000 Mah the charging time of the light is almost 8 hour and you can adjust the light brightness according to the requirement. you can use it in strong light for almost 1.5 hours and in the weak light, you can use it 12-15 hour at an onetime charging.

The product has good almost 15800+ ratings and 4.3 stars on the amazon that means the product is performing very well.

How to choose a good rechargeable emergency light in India (Buying Guide)

You have to keep in mind always before buying any of the product online or offline market, why you need it, your requirement for the product. Lets see the buying guide for the best rechargeable emergency light for home use in India.

Build Quality – Build quality of the any product depend always, so before purchasing any product like in that case emergency light always read all the reviews that the build quality of the product is good or not. So that you can use it for a long time. 

Battery Backup- This is most important feature of the emergency light because in the case of emergency light went you don’t know how long time will take to recover the electricity or if you are living in the village area so that you have to keep in mind that always purchase long-lasting battery backup emergency light so that you can use it full night.

Adjustable Light – As I already told you if you need an emergency light for a long battery backup that time adjustable features work for you like you are living in that area where light gone for a long time it will take a full night or you are in the village area that time you need it.

Adjustable feature means you can adjust the light/ bulb brightness according to you like you done all your work you can adjust in the minimum brightness so that the light can heal the full night.

Focusable or Not – There are different-2 types of emergency light but many people requirement the focusable light means they want the light like the torch so in that case keep in mind always check before purchasing.

Frequently asked question (FAQ or Q/A)

1. Which is the best emergency light in India?

If you are searching for best emergency light in India here in the article we list down top most. but you are searching for top most then go for any one of them Wipro Amber Rechargeable Emergency LED Lantern and Syska 9 watts B22 bulb.

2. How do I choose an emergency light?

There are many factors you have to keep in mind before buying any rechargeable emergency light.
Build Quality, Battery Backup, Adjustable Light, Focusable or Not, Warranty, reviews

3. What is the cost of emergency light?

The cost of emergency light depends on some factors like company, warranty, battery backup and durability, but mainly cost start with 500 hundreds and go on.

4. How long do LED emergency lights Last?

If we talk about the battery backup of the emergency which is normally 4-5 hours per charge on average but if you go with high power it will long-lasting.

5. Which are the best emergency light brands in India?

There are different brands available in the market, but if we talk about the best one we will recommend you go with the Wipro.
here are some best emergency light brands in India.
Wipro, Philips, Havel’s, syska
these are the industry leaders in the field.


At the end I will recommend you that first know the requirement that which type of emergency light you want to purchase. Mainly there are 3 types of light.

  1. 360 degree of emergency light.
  2. The light blow in front of the light only.
  3. Torch if you need the focus light like the torch.

Now you understood which type of light you want. You can read the article or choose the emergency light which we already listed in our article.  

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