6 Best sprout maker in India 2022 which helps you in your health goal.

best sprout maker in india
Best sprout maker

Sprouts are the topmost source of protein and fiber and it is the healthier food in the world. 

So that we are here to know about how we make sprouts. And here we have the list of the best sprout maker in India.

The process of making sprouts is not rocket science, you can easily make the sprout without any hesitation, and if we add the best sprout makers in this process then the work will be very easy.

So, the process of making sprouts is very simple and easy 

First, you have to pour moong daal or grain in a bowl with water for one light approx 6-8 hours.

Then take away the water which is in the bowl.

After that take a simple clean bowl or buy the best sprout maker, and put the beans or the moong daal in that and wait for 12-15 hours, now you can see that your sprout will be ready.

Now you can eat a healthy breakfast and make it a salad after adding some more ingredients.

Why do you need sprout makers?

Everyone wants a healthier lifestyle but no one wants to work for that, so today is the day to start a healthier lifestyle, so the first step toward that is to buy the best sprout maker.

Now the question arises that why sprout maker and how to sprout maker works.

The answer is very simple, the process to make the sprout will be very easy after purchasing the best sprout makers in India because sprout makers do the job easily compared to the normal method.

There is some easy method in the sprout maker which helps you to make sprouts easily and healthier. So we recommend you to buy the sprout maker will be your long-term investment.

Features of the best sprout maker

The material should be food grade.
There will be 2 or more compartments so that you can easily sprout different types of beans in them.
The capacity of each compartment should be sufficient.

List of best sprout makers in India 

S.noProduct nameRatings
1.ZOSOE Sprout Maker4.0/5
2.Anjali Sprout Maker Double Decker4.0/5
3.Sumeet Stainless Steel Puri Dabba4.2/5
4.ULAMART Natural and Handmade3.8/5
5.Slings Plastic Sprout Maker, 4 Containers3.7/5
6.Gambit Plastic Sprout Maker – Medium3.4/5

Let us know About each product from the list of best sprout makers

1. ZOSOE Sprout Maker

The zosoe sprout maker comes with 4 compartments that help you to grow different types of beans at one time.

The plastic is good with 100 % virgin food-grade material and is long-lasting. so that you can use it for long periods.

There are 4 compartments, the first 3 for the sprout making and the last one for the water that will come out from the beans. Through the knob which they provide in each compartment.


  • 4 compartment
  • Knob for seeping the water
  • 500 ml capacity
  • Low cost


  • NA

2. Anjali Sprout Maker Double Decker

Good and easy to use design with a round shape, there are 3 compartments available in the sprout maker, so that you can easily make different types of sprouts.

Paper manual in the box and there 3 compartments in which 2 of them for the beans and sprout maker and the last one for storage of water.


  • 3 compartments
  • Easy to use and simple design
  • Low cost


  • Quality may be improve

3. Sumeet Stainless Steel Puri Dabba

Comes with Stainless steel with air ventilation, it is normally a Dibba with air ventilation. You can use it for different purposes in your kitchen, one of them is for making sprouts.

The product is made with stainless steel, it will be a long-lasting product and rust-free stainless steel Dibba. The food-grade material is good for health.

After soaking the beans, put them into it and wait for some time approx 12-24 hours, and then check the result your sprout will be ready to eat.


  • Food-grade stainless steel
  • Long-lasting product
  • Comes with air ventilation


  • It’s more expensive than plastic, but it’s ok

4. ULAMART Natural and Handmade Earthen Clay Sprout Maker

Natural things are always good, there are several benefits of natural handmade clay items, So here we have the best handmade earthen clay sprout, maker.

There are 2 compartments in this sprout maker one for making the sprout and the other one is for collecting the water in it.

Because of clay, the sprout will be all-natural and will be as good as natural. There is no side effect of the material. But you have to keep it in a safe place because it can be damaged easily.


  • Natural clay made
  • 2 compartment
  • No side effects because it’s natural


  • Fear of breaking (Because it’s mud made)

5. Slings Plastic Sprout Maker, 4 Containers

The sprout maker comes with 4 compartments, as you already know that 3 compartments for the different types of sprouts and the last one is for collecting the water which will be removed from the sprouts.

There are 3 compartments in the sprout maker and in each compartment, there is a red knob which is for seeping the water which will be stored in the last one.

The tight lid ensures that the lid will not open by itself, and there is 500 gm of capacity in the sprout maker.


  • 4 compartment
  • Food grade material plastic
  • Low cost


  • All good

6. Gambit Plastic Sprout Maker – Medium

Good design and comes with 3 compartments with a red knob in each. The transparent design of the sprout maker is good-looking and easy to use.

The fba approved food-grade plastic which is good for your health, there is no side effect.

The capacity of the sprout maker is 500ml, which will fill your daily requirement. And 3 compartments help you to sprout different types of beans in one go.


  • Comes with the 3 compartments
  • 500 ml capacity
  • Fba Approved material used
  • Low cost


  • All good

How to choose the best sprout maker (Buying Guide)


The quality of the product decides how much you’re gonna use it, So try to buy a good quality material, So that you can use it for the long-lasting. 

And one more important thing is that the material should be food-grade plastic so that there will not be side effects of the plastic available in the product.


Will fulfill your requirement, like you have the family and everyone is going to use it so that you have to purchase the sprout maker which will fit in your requirement of capacity.


No compartment helps you to sprout more and different types of beans at one time. So if the sprout maker has a good no of compartments like 3 or more then it will be good. You can easily sprout different types of beans in one go.

Easy to use and clean

The sprout makes should be easy to use, and if the design of the sprout maker is simple then it will help you to use it easily and clean it easily.


Normally the plastic sprout maker comes in the range of under Rs 200-500, depending on compartments, quality, and many more. And if you go with the clay sprout maker and steel box then the price will go up to 700. So check and compare the price of the best sprout maker in India.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Which is the best sprout maker in India?

We have mentioned different types of best sprout makers you can check out any one of them, but if you want our best pick, then we will go for the ULAMART Natural and Handmade clay sprout maker and the second one is Sumeet Stainless Steel Puri Dabba.    

2. How does a sprout maker work?

The working of the sprout maker is very simple. Before making sprouts you have to pour beans in water for 6-8 hours and then the work of the sprout maker will start. After soaking in the water for 6-8 hours you have to put the beans in the sprout maker. There will be red knobs available in almost all the sprout makers. You have to note that the beans will not go up to the knob. After putting beans into the sprout maker you have to wait for 12-18 hours and then your sprout maker will be ready.

3. Can we eat sprouts daily?

Yes, of course

Sprouts are very healthy and tasty, full of fiber, nutrients, and minerals, So there is no doubt that you think you can eat them regularly or not.

4. Which brand is best for sprout makers?

In the market, there is no big brand available for the best sprout maker. You have to keep in mind some points before buying any sprout maker.
1. Must be food-grade material.
2. Capacity
3. Compartments should be available in it.
4. Cost.

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