Try this Boiled egg omelette

boiled egg omelette

An egg is the main source of protein people consume in India, but today we will cook a unique dish with the eggs which are called boiled egg omelette.

Making time - 15 minutes


Eggs 6
Chopped onion
Green chilli
Red chilly powder
Oil/ butter
1 lemon for taste

Steps of making boiled egg omelette

  1. Take the eggs and crack them to get out the liquid part from them.
  2. Take chopped onion, green chilli, red chilli powder and coriander then put all of them into the bowl.
  3. Mix all of them properly.
  4. Now take a Pan and put it on the gas stove after that put some oil or butter into the pan and wait for heat up. the oil.
  5. Now take the mixed eggs and put them into the PAN to make an omelette and cook them properly.
  6. Now time to take some boiled eggs and cut them into the small pieces and put them into the omelette.
  7. Now, for taste add some masala like garam masala, chat masala, coriander and lemon, which we added as per our requirement. You can add as per yours.
  8. Now your boiled egg omelette is ready. So serve it and enjoy the mean.

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If you have any doubt about making boiled egg omelette then you must check the video for the practical guide of making it.

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