Aloo pakora with hot tea is the best option

aloo pakora

Aloo pakora is the best and famous snacks meals in north India, So you must try it at once in a time. Today, We tried aloo pakora at home because at that time we are cooking the aloo pakora there is great weather outside from home like rainy weather. So, …

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This tasty Chicken fry you must try at your home

Chicken fry

Chicken consumption is increasing on a daily basis now in India, and if we talk about the chicken recipes you can find tandoori chicken, butter chicken, chicken fry, and many more. Today we will discuss and learn how to make a chicken fry at home. Making time – 30 minutes …

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Butter chicken recipe

Butter chicken

Try this chicken recipe at home and you will love it definitely, We tried it at home, and after tasing and eating this butter chicken we are here to share it with you guys. So let’s go and try this tasty butter chicken recipe at your home. Ingredients Required Chicken …

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Try out this Veg dum biryani and you will love it.

veg dum biryani

Biryani is the most spreading food nowadays, you can find the biryani anywhere as street food non-veg biryani is the most famous biryani, but today we will discuss the veg dum biryani. we will guide you through a step-by-step guide. Steps of making veg dum biryani First, take a pan …

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This Sweet Lassi will charge your mind.

sweet lassi

If we talk about the summer drink and we do not talk about the lassi, how is this possible. So here we are with the sweet lassi-like restaurant. Preparation Chopped tomatoChopped onionSugar powder Making time – 15 minutes Ingredients Chopped tomato Chopped onion cherry icecream Sugar powder Curd Steps of …

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Mango milkshake will fresh your mood

Mango Milkshake is the most popular drink of the summer, I bet you have all tried it once in life definitely. So we have shared our experience in the guide. We made a video for you and there in the guide you can find the written ingredients as well. So …

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Masala sikanji will heal your summer

Masala sikanji

My all-time favorite summer drink is masala sikanji, whats your please let us know in the comments. Today we will make the masala sikanji, if you are interested to make it then check out this. Making time – 15 minutes Lemon 2-3 qty Ice cube Water or soda Mint SUgar …

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