This tasty Chicken fry you must try at your home

chicken fry

Chicken consumption is increasing on a daily basis now in India, and if we talk about the chicken recipes you can find tandoori chicken, butter chicken, chicken fry, and many more.

Today we will discuss and learn how to make a chicken fry at home.

Making time - 30 minutes


Chicken as per need
Mustard oil
Ginger and garlic
Masala as per need
Corn flour

Steps of making chicken fry

  1. Take a bowl and put the washed and clean chicken in it.
  2. Put some teaspoon of mustard oil in it.
  3. Take ginger garlic paste and put it in the bowl, after that add some salt and garam masala in it.
  4. After that add some maida and cornflour to the bowl, and at last mix it properly to get the best taste of the paste.
  5. Now time to fry the chicken, So for that take a kadhai and add oil to it, after heating up the oil put the chicken piece in the kadhai.
  6. Now fry the chicken on low flame, after some time you can see that your chicken color will be brown.
  7. Now your chicken is fried very well, so It’s time to serve the chicken fry and enjoy the meal with your loved ones.

I think now you can cook the chicken fry in your home at yours. If have any problems or any doubt then you must have to check out the video guide.

In the video, you can see the step-by-step guide to make the chicken fry at your home.

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