Try this Chilled watermelon Sarbat for this Summer

In the summer chilled drinks are always the best liquid to drink. So here we are with the chilled watermelon sarbat you can make it by yourself at home completely.

chilled watermelon sarbat

So let’s see the ingredients.

Making time - 10-15 minutes

Chopped watermelon
1 glass of milk
Ice cube
Rose Sharbat or Rooafja

1. Chop the watermelol
2. make ice cube

Steps of making chilled watermelon sarbat

  1. First, put the milk in the bowl as per the requirement.
  2. Add sugar, rose sarbat, or ruafza into the bowl now time to mix it properly with the hand mixer.
  3. Then add the chopped watermelon into the bowl.
  4. You can add water as per need, in my case I added some water into the bowl.
  5. If the sarbat is not chilled then there is no taste, so for the coldness, we will add some ice cubes to the bowl and then will mix them properly.
  6. Now your chilled watermelon sarbat is ready, So try it and remove your summer now

Check the video of Chilled watermelon sarbat

You can watch the video properly to get the practical guide to making the chilled watermelon sarbat.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go and make for yourself.

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