I love these tasty Chilli potatoes, You must have to try it

chilli potato

Try this crispy chilli potato at home, I bet you if you try this once you will not forget this. So if you are interested to cook, then why you are waiting. Try this chilli potato at your home.

Making time - 30 minutes

Corn flour
Masala (Salt, garam masala, chat masala)

Steps of making chilli Potato

  1. Take a potato and chop them like french fries as you like.
  2. Take some cornflour and maida into the bowl with the chopped potato.
  3. Mix all of them properly to get a good layer of cornflour and maida.
  4. Now time to take a kadhai and put the oil in it, and start the gas stove.
  5. When your oil will heat up then time to take a chopped potato and fry them in the kadhai on low flame. After frying them you will get the best cooked french fries.
  6. Your french fries are ready now, Now time to make the chilli potato, for that take a PAN and put it into the gas stove.
  7. Take some oil and get the oil heated and add some onion and capsicum into small pieces and fry them in medium flame.
  8. After that add ginger and garlic paste, tomato sauce and green chilly sauce as per the taste you want.
  9. At last add, some masala like salt, garam masala and Haldi(turmeric) then mix them properly.
  10. Now time to put all the french fries in the frying pan and mix them properly and wait some time to get the best colour and taste.
  11. Now your chilli potato is ready, you can add some coriander to get a good flavour and look.

You can now serve and enjoy the chilli potato. if you like the content or guide you can share it with your friends and family.

Here is the video guide also for you to get a better understanding. So if you want to know about the practical guide then must check the video.

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