Here is the thing to keep in mind that How to clean mixer grinder?

The most irritating thing is cleaning any kitchen appliances after using them. if you ask me to wash them. There is a chance that your opinion also the same because it is many people’s problem washing the appliances or any kitchen item after using.

So now we are going to understand, how to clean mixer grinder.

A mixer grinder is a commonly used appliance in every kitchen in India, But if you don’t have any mixer grinders or planning to buy one best mixer grinder in India or best juicer mixer grinder in India you can go through the link. Now come to the point that how to clean a mixer grinder or how to clean juicer mixer grinder.

There are 2 types of mixer grinders one is only a mixer grinder and the other one is the juicer which is a juicer mixer grinder. So we are discussing this because the mixer grinder is easy to use and easy to wash as well but in the case of a juicer, there are many other problems comes.

So let’s start

How to care for your mixer grinder or how to clean mixer grinder?

In the mixer grinder or juicer mixer grinder, there are mainly divided into 2 parts the first is the Motor part and the other is Jars and juicer, so in that case, we have to keep in mind that. Always wipe the motor part with the cloth and the other jars and juicer part you can clean with the water.

Clean the Jars and the juicer part

Now we are going to learn how to clean mixer grinder jar and the juicer part easily.

There are many methods to clean with the expensive powder but in this article, we will learn about the simplest and easiest way to clean.

  1. Boil the water
  2. Mix the boiled water with the soap or the detergent so that it will be mixed very well.
  3. Fill the jar with the detergent water and after 1-2 minutes clean the detergent water now time to clean it with the juna, clean it manually. There is a chance that it will clean after that.
  4. In the case of juicer do the same and juicer will also be clean. But there is jaali or chalni in the juicer you have to clean it with the brush because in this, there can be fruit fiber so you have to clean it manually, after that clean it with the water and wipe it with the clean cloth.

 You can also use these methods as well.

  1. Lemon Peels – In this method, you have to extract all the juice from the lemon and then clean the mixer and the jar of the mixer grinder from it, and after a small break clean it with the decent water.
  2. Baking powder – You already watched somewhere that baking powder is used to clean the old jewelry for the shining, also in many cases to remove the stains from the product. Because of that Now we are going to use it to clean the mixer grinder,
    First, you have to make a paste of the powder and then clean the mixer juicer or jar with it and then wash it with the plain water. Now you can see that there may not be any stains available and the smell of the spices or anything which you grind.
  3. Vinegar – Vinegar is also good to clean. you can use vinegar to clean the jars with the toothbrush then wash them with the plain water. You can see the result after doing this method.

These all are the methods to clean the jar and the juicer of the mixer grinder. And Second thing you have to keep in mind before storing the jar and juicer keep it dry or wipe it with the safe cloth or the Towel.

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