how to use nonstick dosa Tawa for better performance

how to use nonstick dosa Tawa

We have different types of dosa Tawa available on our list. But today we will talk about the nonstick Dosa Tawa, and how to use nonstick dosa Tawa.

Why you need non stick Dosa Tawa

We have different types of Tawa available in the market, like aluminium, cast iron, nonstick in this article we will discuss why we need nonstick dosa Tawa.

Using nonstick dosa Tawa will save you time and energy. It helps you in cooking fast than other cast iron and aluminium Tawa.

Your food will not stick on the Tawa because it has a nonstick coating. So that you can clean your Tawa very easily.

You do not need much oil because of sticking problems, you can cook your food with a minimum of cooking oil and it will be healthier for you. 

How to use nonstick Dosa Tawa perfectly?

In the full article, we already discussed do’s and don’t to use the nonstick dosa Tawa.
First, make the paste to create the dosa.
Season the nonstick Dosa Tawa with oil.
Make dosa on low flame Gas.
When you are done with the dosa-making process, always wait that your nonstick dosa Tawa will be cool. After that, you can wash your non-stick dosa Tawa.
Wash your Tawa with mild water. and then clean with the soft cloth

Things to keep in mind before using nonstick dosa Tawa for the first time.

  1. Never cook on high heat because there is a coating of Teflon which is not good for health after cooking on high flames that Gas mix on the food and it will be dangerous.
  2. After cooking, wash the dosa Tawa with mild water, and one more thing always wash the dosa Tawa after some time of cooking, never wash the Tawa immediately.
  3. Wash the nonstick Tawa from the sponge pad, never use a metal scrub to wash the nonstick Tawa because the nonstick coating may remove from the Tawa.
  4. During cooking do not use metal spoons, always use wooden cooking utensils. 
  5. Remember that point always change your nonsticking Dosa Tawa with max of 2-3 years of usage because the coating of the nonstick is removed while using.


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