Kent super egg boiler vs kent instant egg boiler

Kent super egg boiler vs kent instant egg boiler

In today’s life egg is the most important and healthier source of protein, for a healthy lifestyle, you must have to add eggs to your breakfast. You can check the health benefits and its nutrients in Harvard’s report. After that, you can choose the best one for you that will help you in your health goals.

So, for boiling the egg we have two egg boilers kent super egg boiler vs kent instant egg boiler, in today’s article we will learn the difference between them.

You can choose one of them after reading the full comparison. kent super egg boiler vs kent instant egg boiler

So first, we know that we really need an egg boiler or we can manage to boil the egg from the traditional method, which is the good method to boil the egg or which is the easy-to-use method.

If you will get the answer that an egg boiler is the safest and smartest option to boil the egg and it’s electric and automatic.

Brand overview

Kent is the most trusted and usable kitchen appliance brand in the Indian market, if you are planning to buy any appliance from the house of kent, then go without wasting any time.

Actually, kent is the giant in the field of the RO water purifier, kent started its operation in 1999 in Noida Uttar Pradesh.

So after the massive success, they entered the kitchen appliance field and are doing and getting good customer feedback.

Difference between kent super egg boiler vs kent instant egg boiler

Here is the comparison table, so that you can easily find the best fit for you and your requirements. Both the egg boiler comes from the house of the kent, so there is no doubt about the brand and their service.

If we look at the kent super egg boiler then we can find that it is the upper version of the kent instant egg boiler with some extra features.

Super Egg boilerInstant Egg boiler
Capacity6 eggs7 eggs
Watts400 watts360 watts
Boiling time3-5 minutes5-7 minutes
Method of boilingSoft, medium, and hardSoft, medium, and hard
Weight662 gm1650 gm

Looking for the best egg boiler in India.

1. kent super egg boiler

kent super egg boiler


  • 400 watts of power
  • 3-5 minutes of boiling time
  • 6 eggs at a time
  • stainless steel body

If we talk about the kent super egg boiler then you can find the unique and simple design with the transparent Lid.

The kent super egg boiler comes with 400 watts of power and you can boil the 6 eggs at a time.

The company claims that it comes with a stainless steel body with the transparent upper part LID of the egg boiler, and you can boil the egg within 3-5 minutes without any hesitation.

Before using the egg boiler read the user guide for a better understanding and practical guide.


  • Can boil the eggs within 5 minutes
  • Boil the egg in 3 methods soft, medium, and hard
  • Stainless steel body
  • Transparent lid
  • Auto power cut feature
  • Very good design
  • Light Weight


  • All good

2. kent instant egg boiler

kent instant egg boiler


  • 360 watts of power
  • 5-7 minutes of boiling time
  • 7 eggs at a time
  • stainless steel body

Kent instant egg boiler is the older version it is the all-time best-selling egg boiler you can find. So if you want to buy an egg boiler then must go for the kent.

This egg boiler comes with the 3 methods of boiling eggs, soft, medium, and hard. Normally you can select the medium setting to boil the egg but it also depends on your test which type of boiled egg you want to eat. 

Kent instant egg boiler comes with 360 watts of power and the time duration for boiling the egg is 5-7 minutes.

Auto power cut of feature is also there in the egg boiler so that the egg boiler will off when the egg is boiled So that you do not need to turn it off manually.


  • 3 boiling methods soft, medium, and hard
  • Can boil the in 5-7 minutes
  • Stainless steel body
  • Transparent Lid
  • Auto power cut feature
  • Simple and good design


  • Cleaning is difficult (So use with care)

Which model is best for you?

If you want our recommendation for a best-kent egg boiler kent super egg boiler vs kent instant egg boiler, which one is best for you. Then you must go for the kent super egg boiler.

Reasons for choosing kent super egg boiler

  • It is the upgraded version of the kent instant boiler.
  • More power than kent instant egg boiler
  • It takes less time to boil an egg compare to an instant egg boiler.
  • Very lightweight.

I think this is enough reason to buy a super egg boiler, but that does not mean the kent instant egg boiler is not good, it is also a beast for boiling the egg. You must check it also but if you can afford 200-300 more then go with the super egg boiler.

Now your turn to choose the best pick for you.

FAQ(Frequently asked question)

Which Kent egg boiler is best?

If you ask which is the best egg boiler in both of them, then I will surely recommend the kent super egg boiler but it will cost you approx 500 more than the kent instant egg boiler.

How much time does Kent egg boiler take?

Normally an egg boiler takes up to 5-10 minutes depending on the power they have and the second thing is how much egg they are boiling at a time.

If we talk about the kent egg boilers we have listed, they take a max of 7 minutes time if you boil 6-7 eggs at a time it will take lesser time.

Can we boil potatoes in an egg boiler?

The simple answer is yes, You can easily boil the potato in the egg boiler.

Is Kent egg boiler safe?

Kent egg is 100 % safe to use. There is an auto power cut feature available, if your egg is boiled then there is no need to check the manually auto power cut feature will turn off the egg boiler.

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