Try this Navratri special Kutto ata pakora

kutto ata pakora

For fasting, kutto ka ata is the best treatment for hunger. So here we are to help you to make the kutto ata pakora.

So let’s go.

Making time - 15 minutes

Kuttu ka ata
Grin chilli
Masala (Garam masala, salt, dhaniya)

Steps of making Kutto ata pakora

  1. Take a potato and chop them into small pieces as you like.
  2. Put the potato into the bowl and then add rock salt, black pepper, and kutto ata into the bowl.
  3. Now time to mix it all properly with the help of water like normally when you make pakora.
  4. Now your pakora raw recipe is ready, it’s time to fry them on the gas stove. So for that you have to take a pan or kadhai and put the oil into the PAN or kadhai and wait to heat up.
  5. Now time to fry the pakora, So put the potato into the frying PAN on a low flame gas after that you have to wait for some time to cook properly.
  6. After waiting for some time pakora in the kadhai. your kutto ata pakora is ready. So, now you have to get out the pakora and serve them properly.

For the video practical guide, you have to watch it carefully.

So let’s start the video

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