Manchurian Fried Rice

Are you feeling hungry, looking to cook something, here we tried today Manchurian fried rice. you can also try this recipe for your hungry stomach.

Manchurian fried rice

Preparation before starting

Chopp onion, cabbage, carrot, and green chili as per requirement.
prepare Manchurian balls

Making Time - 30 minutes 

Rice as per needed
Refined oil
Chopped Onion
Some chilly
Sejwan chatni
Dark soya souce
Tomato ketchup
Manchurian balls

Steps of making Manchurian fried rice

Boil the Rice

  1. First, we will prepare the rice for the Manchurian fried rice.
  2. For that take a bowl or bhagona and put some qty of water in it, then put the rice 1 spoon of refined oil and wait for some time like 10-12 minutes for boiling the rice.

Manchurian fried rice

  1. Take a Pan and add some refined oil to it and wait for some time to heat up the pan.
  2. Now time to add some veggies to the pan like chopped onion, carrot, cabbage, and chili and mix it well after that wait for some time to cook the veggies.
  3. Now add masala in the pan like garam masala, salt, and dhaniya then mix it very well. And add some water to the pan so that your veggies could not burn.
  4. After that, you have to make vegies sauce for that you have to add one table spoon of sezwan chatni, one spoon of dark soya sauce, one spoon of tomato catchup and green chilli sauce and then mix them properly.
    After mixing all the ingredients wait for some time cook the vegies properly. And your vegies is ready.
  5. Now time add manchurian ball into the vegies and mix it all.
  6. If you want you can add lemon into it, and add salt or masala if needed.

Now time to enjoy your manchurian fried rice, serve it and taste it.

Now your time to cook, go and get it by doing by yourself.

Want a practical guide of the manchurian fried rice then you must have to check the video, we recorded while cooking so that you can get the best practical guide as well.

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