Masala sikanji will heal your summer

masala sikanji

My all-time favorite summer drink is masala sikanji, whats your please let us know in the comments.

Today we will make the masala sikanji, if you are interested to make it then check out this.

Making time - 15 minutes

Lemon 2-3 qty
Ice cube
Water or soda
Chat masala or black pepper
Dhania powder

Steps of making masala sikanji

  1. First, take the lemon and mess them with the help of a hand properly.
  2. Cut the lemon and squeeze it into the glass.
  3. Take some mint and crush it to get the taste of the mint in the sikanji. So put the crushed mint in the sikanji glass.
  4. Now time to add some sugar, salt, chat masala or black pepper, and dhania according to the taste you want to get out of the sikanji.
  5. Now take some ice and crush it all then put into the glass and mixed it well.
  6. Last but not least add water or soda into the glass as per your wish you want to add.
  7. Now your sikanji glass is ready to drink
  8. For the decoration, you can do some tactics as we did in the video you can see there.

You can follow the video for the practical guide for making the masala sikanji,

so what are you waiting for. go and make the sikanji and enjoy the summer killer.

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