Try this Boiled egg omelette

Boiled egg omelette

An egg is the main source of protein people consume in India, but today we will cook a unique dish with the eggs which are called boiled egg omelette. Making time – 15 minutes Ingredients Eggs 6 Chopped onion Green chilli Red chilly powder Coriender Oil/ butter 1 lemon for …

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Must try this tandoori chicken

tandoori chicken

If you love chicken then you must have to try this crispy chicken recipe at one at your home. So, we are here to help you to find the ingredients and video guide on tandoori chicken. Making time – 45 minutes Ingredients Chicken as per requirement ginger garlic paste Red …

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Best Sooji halwa to cook

Sooji halwa

Halwa is the most important desert in India, so why not try it once there in your home. So in this tutorial, we will cook sooji halwa. Making time – 15 minutes Ingredients Sooji 250 gm is enough Ghee Sugar Dry fruits as per you want. Steps of making Sooji …

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Homemade Pani poori recipe like market

pani puri

Pani poori is the street king of India, It is the first choice of Indians to eat as a snack and in their free time. So we are here to help you to learn to make the pani poori at home. Making time – 30 minutes Ingredients Coriander Mint Ice …

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Tasty and healthy Egg curry recipe

egg curry

Most delicious egg curry, you can try. Here we are with the recipe for egg curry you can follow the steps to make the best egg curry. At the last, we also added a video of egg curry for better understanding. Making time – 25 minutes Ingredients Egg Curd Masala …

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Try this Navratri special Kutto ata pakora

Kutto ata pakora

For fasting, kutto ka ata is the best treatment for hunger. So here we are to help you to make the kutto ata pakora. So let’s go. Making time – 15 minutes Ingredients Potato Kuttu ka ata Grin chilli Masala (Garam masala, salt, dhaniya) Steps of making Kutto ata pakora …

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