Homemade Paneer momos Recipe like restaurant

Paneer momos

Momos is one the most eatable food in india now a days, if you are leaving in delhi or north india you can see everywhere momos stole there. So that we are here to guide to make the paneer momos in home easily.

Making time - 30-45 minutes

Green chilli

Steps of making paneer momos

  1. First take maida and make a dough with the help of refined oil and water.
  2. When you dough is ready, it’s time to ready the stuffing for the momos, for that take a Pan and put some in it.
  3. Now take chopped onion, chilly and mix masala as per need and fry them into the pan with the refined or oil.
  4. After frying them properly add paneer in it and mix and fry them also in low flame.
  5. Now take a maida stuffing make a small round roll like small chapati and put the stuffing in it, and give the shape you want for paneer shape you can follow the video.
  6. Now your raw momos is ready, it’s time to steam it all, for that you can use bhagona and chalna like us, you can chek it on the videos
  7. In the bhagona you can fill the water and flame the gas stove and put the chalna on the bhagona and put all the raw momos on it and then cover it.
    AFter 10-15 minutes your momos will be steam, now time to enjoy your meal.

For the practical guide and better understanding you check the video of the paneer momos.

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