Homemade Pani poori recipe like market

pani puri

Pani poori is the street king of India, It is the first choice of Indians to eat as a snack and in their free time. So we are here to help you to learn to make the pani poori at home.

Making time - 30 minutes


Ready made poori

Steps of making Pani poori at home

  1. Take a mixer grinder and put the coriander, mint, and green chilli as per taste, then put the masala like salt, garam masala, and chat masala in it and mix it.
  2. Your chatni is ready, add some water to it and mix them properly.
  3. Take tamarind (imli) one day before and put it in the water and wait one night for soaking.
  4. The next day you can see tamarind flavor comes in the water.
  5. Now mix that water in the chutney we prepared before. and then mix it properly. now you can get the taste of paani poori flavor in the water.
  6. Now your paani poori water is ready, it’s time to make poori(Golgappe), for that you can buy a ready-made paani poori from the market and then make a fry in the oil.
  7. Take a kadhai with the oil and fry your paani poori in the oil.

Now you can see, that your paani poori is ready. it’s time to enjoy the snacks. Serve it with your family or friends.

Here you can find the video of making paani poori as well, learn it and then make it.

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