How to make Pizza at home


Pizza is the most likable food amongst children nowadays, so why not you try this pizza at home, here is the simple method you can follow to make the recipe at home.

You can enjoy the recipe at movie time, as an evening snack, or whenever you want to eat.

Making time – 20 minutes

Mozzarella cheese
bell pepper

Step to make pizza at home

  1. Take a base and then put the pizza sauce on the base and then rub it into the full pizza.
  2. Now time to add ingredients to the pizza. So add mozzarella cheese, onion, bell pepper, and capsicum into the pizza.
  3. Now time to cook the pizza, for that we will use the frying pan.
  4. Take a pan and put it into the gas stove and then cook your pizza.
  5. After cooking for approx 10 minutes your pizza will be ready.
  6. Now cut the pizza accordingly and enjoy it.

You can check the full video of making the pizza at home.

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