Best Sooji halwa to cook

Halwa is the most important desert in India, so why not try it once there in your home. So in this tutorial, we will cook sooji halwa.

sooji halwa
Making time - 15 minutes


Sooji 250 gm is enough
Dry fruits as per you want.

Steps of making Sooji halwa

  1. Take a Pan and put the ghee into the pan and heat up for some time on low flame.
  2. Put the sooji in the Pan and mix it with the ghee on low flame.
  3. After mixing for some time the sooji color will be brown then add some water to it and then mix it well.
  4. Now time to add sugar as per you want according to your taste and mix it.
  5. Then your halwa is ready now add some dry fruits for a good and crunchy taste and mix it.
  6. It’s time to serve sooji halwa and enjoy it.

For the practical guide you must check the video guide for making sooji ka halwa.

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