Try this tasty Soya Chaap at home like restaurant

soya chaap

You must have to try this soya chaap at home, here in this guide we will teach you to make the soya chaap step by step at home.

We also mentioned a video on making soya chaap, which you can find below the guide. So if you are interested to watch it then you can go directly.

Making time - 35 minutes

Chaap as per requirement
Corn flour
Onion, tomato, garlic and ginger
Red sauce
Sezwan chatni

Steps of making Soya chaap at home

  1. Take a chaap and cut it into small pieces.
  2. Now take cornflour and mix it very well to get the layer of cornflour in the chaap.
  3. Now time to fry them completely, for that take a PAN and fry the chaap.
  4. Now your chaap is fried, it’s time to make a gravy for the soya chaap.
  5. Now chop the onion, tomato, garlic, and ginger.
  6. Take a pan and put the refined oil in it, when the oil heats up, put the garlic and ginger in the PAN to fry them.
  7. After that put some water in it, and then wait for some time to cook them.
  8. When it is cooked, wait for some time to get cold, and then grind it in the mixer grinder.
  9. Now time to take a PAN again and put the mixed gravy into the PAN on a low flame, After some time put masala in it, like degi mirch, garam masala, and salt as needed, and wait for some to cook it properly.
  10. AFter cokking the 5-7 minutes add tomato sauce in it to get the sweet flavour from it, add sezwan chatni and mix it properly. Now your gravy for soya chaap is comletely ready.
  11. At last now time to add your fried chaap in it, After that shut off the gas stove and mix the chaap in the gravy and close the Lid.
  12. Now your soya chaap is completely ready to serve, It’s time to enjoy the meal.

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