Try this crunchy Spring roll at your home

spring roll

I think you also like the street foods like a spring roll, chow mien, and many more like this. if you like to cook and want to cook at home with a crunchy style.

Then follow these steps, because


we cooked spring rolls at home.

Making time - 30 minutes


Arararot as per requirement
Maida (Fine flour)
Chowmin for stuffing
Onion and chilli

Steps of making Spring roll at home

  1. Make a dough of maida(fine flour) and ararot powder with half-half quantity.
  2. Roll like chapati for making the roll.
  3. Now take a PAN and cook the chapati for some time.
  4. Then prepare the stuffing, for that you can use Chowmien and mix some veggies like onion, cabbage, and some chili for taste and fry them on PAN.
  5. Now take a chapati and put the stuffing on the chapati and roll it properly. So that your chow mien stuffing did not get out from the roll. make them as per requirement.
  6. Now time to fry the spring roll, for that take a PAN or kadhai depending on you. put the oil in it and wait to get heat up.
  7. Put your spring roll into the pan on low flame and fried them properly, so that you will get the best crunchy spring roll.

Now time to enjoy your spring roll with your favorite one and feel it.

Here is the uploaded video on our youtube channel about making a spring roll practical guide. So that you can easily get the methods.

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