This Sweet Lassi will charge your mind.

sweet lassi

If we talk about the summer drink and we do not talk about the lassi, how is this possible. So here we are with the sweet lassi-like restaurant.


Chopped tomato
Chopped onion
Sugar powder

Making time - 15 minutes

Chopped tomato
Chopped onion
cherry icecream
Sugar powder

Steps of making sweet lassi

  1. Take a clean bowl, hand mixer, sugar powder, and curd.
  2. Put the curd into the bowl.
  3. Mix the curd with the help of a hand mixer for the better smoothness of the curd.
  4. Put the sugar into the curd bowl and then mix it very well.
  5. Add some water into the curd bowl to mix better and get the best taste from the curd.
  6. Take a plain glass and put the lassi into the glass.
  7. Now time to add the chopped onion, tomato, and cucumber into the lassi.
  8. Lastly, add some cherry into the glass to get the best look of the lassi.
  9. Now your lassi is ready to drink and you can see that your lassi looks like restaurant-style lassi.

I hope you are now enjoying the lassi, if you have any doubts now then you can check the video guide on the lassi. Because video guide is best for a practical guide of anything.

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